History in the News: Rare Photos

History in the News: Rare Photos

Two sets of rare photos have recently popped up on the news. The first is a collection of little known photographs from the rescue efforts the morning after the Titanic disaster. The pictures depict Titanic’s lifeboats at sea, the icy waters where the ship went down, some of the survivors themselves and the S.S. Californian, one of the vessels that arrived to rescue survivors. The photos were part of a collection of over 100 items that included letters and other items. The set went under the auctioneer’s gavel on October 22nd 2011 and sold for $100570.

The second group of photos are also from an ill fated journey. In 1911 Robert Falcon Scott undertook an expedition to reach the South Pole. While he and his team eventually made it to their goal, they were beaten to the Pole by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and died attempting to return to base camp. The photos are being published in a new book entitled “The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott.”

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